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We Hope That All Our Global Qigong Science Colleagues Will Join Together To Heal Covid-19

It is a good thing that the whole world is now less fearful of Covid-19, but this has also led people to let down their guard, inadvertently accelerating the development of Covid-19 and reinforcing the survival of the fittest environment, the whole world seems to be powerless in the face of the tragic reality of about ten thousands deaths per day as a result.

Mao Zedong, the founder of New China, said, “Strategically we must defy all enemies, and tactically we must attach importance to all enemies. That is to say, on the whole we must defy it, and on one specific issue we must pay attention to it.”

Therefore, we should also do something in the face of the rapid development of the Covid-19.

We have recently discovered that the qigong science of organizing qi field, chen qi and la qi can be highly effective in treating Covid-19, and we hope that all our global qigong science colleagues will join together to fight for it.

Let’s share love, cherish life, and help people to be the masters of their own lives.

Professor Pang’s Speech on the Joint Development of Global Qigong Science Teachers and Practitioners for the Treatment of Covid-19 on Feb 5 2022

Dr. Pang’s Words On Feb. 5 2022

It was a pleasure to read your materials. Through you, I wish to extend my warm congratulations to the staff of your International Department and to their students for the good results achieved against Covid-19.

I hope that through these two cases, although they are few, they do show the subversive and high-tech nature of our three-layer material theory and even our chen qi and la qi methods.

You should study these two cases in our workshop, discuss them carefully, express your opinions, and improve your understanding of our theory.

On the other hand, we hope that our comrades in the International Department will actively work in foreign countries where they have the conditions, should apply this main direction to the treatment of covid-19, of course on a voluntary basis of patients, so that we can show the great superiority of our Chinese culture and even the advanced nature of our new theory in the face of this covid-19, new great threat to mankind. I hope you will work hard on these aspects. I wish you all better results.

Information From Dr. Pang On Feb. 5 2022

Laoshi have seen the material about the fight against the New Coronavirus sent out from …laoshi, was very happy and excited, asked to tell you to send this information to all of your contacts abroad, including the international practice group. Let more people know about it.

Also ask themself to report it to the local government or post it on the internet.

Laoshi especially emphasizes sending them to the teachers you know who teach gong abroad. And to foreign friends who have studied in Xi’an. Strive to build a network that use our gong to heal New Crown Pneumonia (be sure to emphasize that it is our gong. In order not to mix them up). If we do this well, it may become a shortcut to integrate our gong into the international community.