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    The Xi’an Zhineng Science Research Center will give recurrent workshop to heal corona virus and strengthen lungs Qi and its functions. We would like to help recent coronavirus patients and long term coronavirus patients to recover faster. During intensive group healing sessions, you will experience the qigong way to quickly recover from coronavirus without any medicine nor equipments. You will awake your body’s huge healing powers through chinese Qigong – zhineng Qigong technics and understandings to :

    Strengthen lungs Qi and functions
    Improve respiratory system
    Transform the coronavirus and completely recover
    Enhance the body vitality and immunity
    Strengthen and balance the immune system

    We will use scientifically proven methods of zhineng science :
    Chenqi and laqi methods
    Organizing Qi field


    First workshop => February 27 & 28 – March 1, 3, 4, 6
    Second workshop => March 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18
    Third workshop => April 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7


    Each workshop will be 6 sessions long
    Each session will be 1.5h

    10:30 – 12:00 Paris time
    5:30 – 7 pm Beijing time

    Free session

    Friday 18 february
    9 – 10.30 pm Beijing time
    Friday 25 february
    5.30 – 7 pm Beijing time
    The zoom details are : Click here

    Please consult the time converter for your local time :

    Retreat fees

    100usd for each workshop


    If you are positive to coronavirus at the beginning of the course. Send us your negative test certificate at the end with your healing story. We will send you back 40% of your payment* to thank you to support our healing research.

    If you join the second workshop, you will pay only 80usd to participate.
    (*40% of your payment will be send back to you, less the transfer fees Xi’an center paid to receive your payment)

    It includes

    6 sessions for 9h long
    All recordings in english and in your language
    All recordings to download or stream in audios et videos on mega or youtube
    A whatsapp community group with chinese teachers to share directly together

    Participants will send directly their payment to chinese teachers

    we propose 2 paypal accounts for that : Teacher Gao Teacher Yuan

    Once the payment is made send an email to the teacher.
    If you cannot pay through paypal, send an email to teacher Gao or teacher Yuan to receive their bank details.


    Many translations are available. You have to register with your local organiser that will support you during all the retreat. If you need to find a local organiser, you can send a mail to

    To register : Click here
    For more information, send a mail at

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