Zhineng Qigong Healing Covid-19 Cases (5)

Maribel Ríos Everardo

Age: 67 years

Country and city: México, Huitzilac Morelos.


One of  the health problems she´s had for 20 years, especially when it’s cold, is related to her lungs. For the last 15 years she’s been using herbal medicine treatments.

When I went to my first ZNQG training 5 years ago I was going through bronchitis and cough, the same thing happened when I went through the 5 Internal Organs Sounds learning.  

Little by little constant practice has strengthen my lungs and my mind, so recently when I went through Covid I was calm and confident, I knew I was not going to have any major problems due to my 5 years daily zhineng qigong practice.

Symptoms of COVID:

I didn’t have any symptoms but my brothers began to feel sick.  They took the lab test and the result was positive, and because we had met recently they called and alerted me. 

On December 18, 2020 I did my lab test and the result was positive. (The test results are enclosed).

This time my 95 years mom, her two caretakers, my elder sister, my elder brother and a nephew came out positive. Seven people infected.

My mom, my brother and sister had it really bad and they have still aftermath health issues. The 2 caretakers are young women, so for them it was very mild.

We were isolated for 14 days, I barely had any symptoms. I had a little fever and some cough for two days. I took herbal medicine and that was it. 


I was in Huitzilac, a cold town in the mountains of the state of Morelos, isolated in my bedroom for 14 days practicing the zhineng qigong Monday to Saturday twice a day, morning and evening every day with our zoom group “La Colmena” community. Sundays her was no a zoom practice so I undertook my practice on my own.  

I practiced the First and Second Methods, squats, the sounds of the 5 main organs. Eugenia, our teacher recommended Chen Qi and La Qi practice daily, I also did.

I keep on working at the University on my computer and kept coordinating my mother’s care from my place. 

My frequency is vibrating higher than usual because for 3 years now I have also been practicing meditation,


When My results came out positive my husband asked a friend who is a physician. He recommended ivermectin, 1 every 24 hours for 4 days.

Further exams:

In order for us to check my lungs and immunity after Covid I took some tests. Enclosed you’ll find the results.

Everything came out quite well.   

The whole COVID 19 I was OK, but I followed the recommendation to remain isolated for 14 days.


Dec 18, 2020 Covid-19 Test Showed Negative

Feb.2, 2021 X-Ray Showed Lungs And Heart Are Normal

May 10, 2021 Covid-19 Test Showed Negative