We Hope That All Our Global Qigong Science Colleagues Will Join Together To Heal Covid-19

It is a good thing that the whole world is now less fearful of Covid-19, but this has also led people to let down their guard, inadvertently accelerating the development of Covid-19 and reinforcing the survival of the fittest environment, the whole world seems to be powerless in the face of the tragic reality of about ten thousands deaths per day as a result.

Mao Zedong, the founder of New China, said, “Strategically we must defy all enemies, and tactically we must attach importance to all enemies. That is to say, on the whole we must defy it, and on one specific issue we must pay attention to it.”

Therefore, we should also do something in the face of the rapid development of the Covid-19.

We have recently discovered that the qigong science of organizing qi field, chen qi and la qi can be highly effective in treating Covid-19, and we hope that all our global qigong science colleagues will join together to fight for it.

Let’s share love, cherish life, and help people to be the masters of their own lives.