Zhineng Qigong Healing Covid-19 Cases (6)

Patricia Grosvenor

Age: 73 years old

Country and city:  Mexico, Cuernavaca


Fortunately until now I have had no problems with my lungs. I have been practicing the Science of QiGong for almost two years, two and a half hours daily with a group of forty, sometimes fifty practitioners, strenghtening my organs and mind.

Symptoms of COVID:

My family and I, a group of nine, returned form our Christmas vacations a little tired and one of them suggested to make a lab test. Six of us resulted possitive. I had my result on January 6. I had a sore throat, a little headache and felt tired in the afternoons, I had no fever and my oxygen was well, but I was very scared. I asked Eugenia, my teacher at “La Colmena”, for help and she reminded me that fear made me lose Qi and told me not to be afraid and trust myself and the Science of QiGong.


I started practicing Chenqi and Laqi trying to feel my lungs and respiratory system, focussing my mind in these organs until I truly felt them. I imagined myself normal with qi and blood flowing well.

My group at La Comena sent me qi on Jan. 7 and 10 and after that, I started to feel much better and recovered very fast.


Anaferon homeopathic medicine

Vitamin C, D and Zinc for 7 days

I issolated myself for 14 days

Further exams:

I had no post covid symptoms.

I understood the importanace of trusting and believing in myself and verified that the qi penetrates everything like magic, even the smallest of cells, not to be afraid and to know how lucky I am to count with

All the tools the Science of QiGong teaches us, and having Eugenia and my group to support me, knowing that we ARE ONE.  


Jan. 6, 2022 Vovid-19 Test Showed Positive

Feb. 10, 2022 Antigen Showed Negative