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We Hope That All Our Global Qigong Science Colleagues Will Join Together To Heal Covid-19

It is a good thing that the whole world is now less fearful of Covid-19, but this has also led people to let down their guard, inadvertently accelerating the development of Covid-19 and reinforcing the survival of the fittest environment, the whole world seems to be powerless in the face of the tragic reality of about ten thousands deaths per day as a result.

Mao Zedong, the founder of New China, said, “Strategically we must defy all enemies, and tactically we must attach importance to all enemies. That is to say, on the whole we must defy it, and on one specific issue we must pay attention to it.”

Therefore, we should also do something in the face of the rapid development of the Covid-19.

We have recently discovered that the qigong science of organizing qi field, chen qi and la qi can be highly effective in treating Covid-19, and we hope that all our global qigong science colleagues will join together to fight for it.

Let’s share love, cherish life, and help people to be the masters of their own lives.

Professor Pang’s Speech on the Joint Development of Global Qigong Science Teachers and Practitioners for the Treatment of Covid-19 on Feb 5 2022

Dr. Pang’s Words On Feb. 5 2022

It was a pleasure to read your materials. Through you, I wish to extend my warm congratulations to the staff of your International Department and to their students for the good results achieved against Covid-19.

I hope that through these two cases, although they are few, they do show the subversive and high-tech nature of our three-layer material theory and even our chen qi and la qi methods.

You should study these two cases in our workshop, discuss them carefully, express your opinions, and improve your understanding of our theory.

On the other hand, we hope that our comrades in the International Department will actively work in foreign countries where they have the conditions, should apply this main direction to the treatment of covid-19, of course on a voluntary basis of patients, so that we can show the great superiority of our Chinese culture and even the advanced nature of our new theory in the face of this covid-19, new great threat to mankind. I hope you will work hard on these aspects. I wish you all better results.

Information From Dr. Pang On Feb. 5 2022

Laoshi have seen the material about the fight against the New Coronavirus sent out from …laoshi, was very happy and excited, asked to tell you to send this information to all of your contacts abroad, including the international practice group. Let more people know about it.

Also ask themself to report it to the local government or post it on the internet.

Laoshi especially emphasizes sending them to the teachers you know who teach gong abroad. And to foreign friends who have studied in Xi’an. Strive to build a network that use our gong to heal New Crown Pneumonia (be sure to emphasize that it is our gong. In order not to mix them up). If we do this well, it may become a shortcut to integrate our gong into the international community.

Zhineng Qigong Healing Covid-19 Cases (4)

Jia Wentao

Today I am overwhelmed with emotion, and with a grateful heart I would like to report to Deng laoshi, the outstanding inheritor of Zhineng Qigong.

I am grateful to beloved Pang laoshi, who has spent his life creating Zhineng Qigong for the benefit of humanity!

I am grateful to beloved Deng laoshi for promoting zhineng qigong, and helping all beings, eliminate diseases!

My name is Li Guoqing, male, born on September 28, 1959, 63 years old.

I work in Vietnam, scheduled to return to China on December 5, 2021, because of the epidemic at home and abroad affect the prevention and control, the day before boarding need to do nucleic acid tests within 48 hours and serum tests, qualified to go home.

On December 3, I went to the hospital designated by China (Vietnam 175 Military Hospital) to do the needed test, the results made me panic, never thought that the nucleic acid CT value is not normal, there was a problem.

I didn’t have any symptoms nor did I feel bad, so I was admitted to the isolation room of the company.

During the isolation period, it was difficult in all aspects because of the different language in the foreign country, and there was no special medicine for the treatment of the new coronavirus in the Vietnam, only that the people accompanying me sent me a little cold medicine, and I didn’t understand Vietnamese, so I couldn’t understand what was written on it.

I also used some local way, hot steam treatment, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and the medicine was not eaten after three days.

I told my wife that I couldn’t go home on time, and I was fortunate that she followed Deng laoshi and insisted on learning to practice zhineng gong.

On the evening of December 3, 2021, Deng laoshi with high virtue and pure qi tireless in his work, led a practice for qi gong friends in the live room. He delivered the method, theory, Kungfu of zhineng qigong and Pang laoshi’s hunyuan theory to the heart of every qi gong friend in a continuous and tireless manner. Sincere gratitude and thanks!

At that time to call Deng laoshi 11 o’clock, he disregarded his own rest, thought about the patient’s thoughts, anxious about the patient’s anxieties, treated the patient as a family member, immediately add WeChat, overnight provided external qi treatment。

After Deng’s hard work, on the seventh day of isolation when the company did nucleic acid examination, it had obvious changes, the body was getting better. Deng laoshi was particularly serious and responsible not to relax, deep merit, conditioning ten days to the local hospital for further review, nucleic acid CT value was also greatly improved, although not yet fully recovered, but the nucleic acid cT value rose greatly to improve, and now Deng laoshi was continuing treatment.

After Deng laoshi’s careful, patient and repeated conditioning, on December 28, 2021, I went to the hospital for a recheck, and the nucleic acid CT value finally turned negative and reached the standard, and I resumed my normal study and work.

I was in a foreign country unintentionally infected with the new crown virus, It was zhineng qigong saved me, Deng laoshi with merit abyss gave me a second life, heartfelt thanks to Pang laoshi, thank Deng laoshi’s the noble and dedicated spirit of perfect merit, boundless love, selfless dedication, saving lives and helping the injured, and universalizing all beings, Deng laoshi is worthy of excellent inheritor of Pang laoshi’s zhineng qigong!

Here I would like to take three bows to Pang laoshi, Deng laoshi! Thankful! thankful! thankful again!

The examination results are attached.

Zhineng Qigong to improve health in patients with COVID-19


Presently, a new social actor that has for ever changed our lives is going right through us.
Coronavirus belongs to a large family of viruses. In human beings, it may cause respiratory infections that may range from an ordinary cold to Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The most recently discovered coronavirus causes the disease COVID-19. [1]

On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization declared the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 a pandemic. [2] Over the last months, this has caused the restructuring of the health system in tens of countries, and an endless amount of protocols to be applied by medical doctors and citizens, contingency plans, new and shifting information and an endless number of studies. [3]

Due to the prevalence of the infection, several investigations are being carried out to find a treatment for COVID-19, taking into consideration antimalarial drugs combined with antibiotics, antivirals, use of anticoagulants for the prevention of thromboembolic events, and first trials on vaccines. However, there are many side effects and limitations. [4]

The effectiveness of these treatments has not always been positive and this encourages
investigators to look for alternative ways of facing this pandemic. [5]

Different studies have evidenced the use of complementary medicine like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Qigong as a viable and valuable option in the prevention and treatment of and rehabilitation from respiratory diseases. [6]

Therefore, in Jiangxia Fangcang, Wuhan, a temporary Hospital was opened and converted into a sports center so as to receive patients with mild symptoms of pneumonia caused by SARS-CoV-2. The treatment adopted was mainly the decoction used by TCM and the teaching of Ba Duan Jin Qigong to improve the health of the people hospitalized. [7]

A brief introduction of The Real-World Study of the Effect of Zhineng Qigong on Non-hospitalized People with COVID-19

Zhen Qigongchuan Liu Lily

Introduction: This study is initiated by Zhen Qingchuan, a senior Zhineng Qigong teacher, who has offered Zhineng Qigong intervention in the past 20 years to over 20000 people round the world to relieve their physical and mental agony. In view of the great suffering caused by the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19, he decided to offer help to non-hospitalized people with COVID-19. A pilot study was made a few months ago and the results are positive, so he intends to expand the sample size to help more people.

Purposes: 1 To help non-hospitalized people with COVID-19 using Zhineng Qigong methods; 2 To evaluate the effect of Zhineng Qigong on COVID-19.

Type of research intervention: Zhineng Qigong methods

Participant selection: 1 Non-hospitalized people with COVID-19; 2 Non-hospitalized people with symptoms suggesting COVID-19.

Information on Zhineng Qigong: Zhineng Qigong is a branch of Qigong created by Dr. Pang Ming who offered Zhineng Qigong training and healing to people with various diseases including these “incurable” ones such as tumor, heart disease, diabetes, etc. His way of training and healing became so popular that the center he founded in a remote village in Hebei Province, China in the 1980s grew into the largest medicine-less hospital in the world. Tens of thousands of documented successful cases have been collected over a period of 13 years. The medicine-less hospital was closed in 2001 and the group of Zhineng Qigong teachers trained by Dr. Pang Ming are scattered round the world. The principal investigator of the study, Zhen Qingchuan, is one of them.

Procedures: The study is divided into 4 phases

Phase 1: Admission into the experimental group (from the -3 th to the 0 day), during which time, the subjects are asked to agree to informed consent form and fill in Application Form for “The Real-World Study of the Effect of Zhineng Qigong on Non-hospitalized People with COVID-19”.
Phase 2: Online intervention with Zhineng Qigong (from the 1st to the 7th day)
Phase 3: Online rehabilitation with Zhineng Qigong (from the 8th to the 14th day)
Phase 4: Follow-ups (from the 15th to the 28th day)
At the end of phase 2, 3 and 4, subjects are asked to fill in the above-mentioned form with updated information of their conditions.

Side effects: The methods of Zhineng Qigong are non-invasive, non-medicinal, non-radiative and non-damage. No side effects have been observed so far since they are taught to people in the 1980s.

Discomforts: Some subjects may have qi reactions, which are indications that their physical, emotional and mental conditions are changing for better.

Benefits: The subjects are getting stronger physically, more peaceful emotionally and more intelligent mentally. Daily participation in the online session helps you quickly regain health.

Download the paper: A Pilot Study on the Effect of Zhineng Qigong Remote Intervention on Eliminating the Symptoms of Confirmed and Suspected Cases of Covid-19

Zhineng Qigong Healing Covid-19 Cases (3)

Both Of Lourdes Padin’s Children Recovered Within Seven Days

Lourdes Padin had said on January 3, 2022 that both of her children had covid-19, and we asked her about her children this time.

Based on the information in her response, we learned that her two children, Malena, age 6, and Tomas, age 10, tested positive for covid-19 on January 8, 2022.

Then Lou kept practicing chen qi, la qi, and wall squat with her two children, and when her children had another covid-19 test on January 15, 2022, both test results turned out to be negative.


February 13, 2022 Lourdes Padin Replied That Both of Her Children Had Recovered.



The Covid-19 Test Was Done On January 8, 2022 And Both Showed Positive

When The Covid-19 Test Was Repeated On January 15, 2022, Both Test Results Turned Out To Be Negative

Zhineng Qigong Healing Covid-19 Cases (2)

My Profile

My name is Lourdes Padin, female, 43 years, from Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina, Chinese qigong, chen qi, la qi training teacher.

I am one of the organizers of the one-year teacher training online course of the International Department of the Xi’an Center in Argentina, and I am also involved in the translation of Spanish.

Initial Symptoms and Diagnosis

The first discomfort symptoms start at Sunday Dec 26 at night during a healing session translation.

Dec 26, 2021 Sunday. During the day I felt rare, but Good, at night I felt a discomfort in my throat. A Little Dizzy, a Little fever at night. Start fasting at 3 pm this day, because I felt something was not Good.

Dec 27 Monday. 1st Test Covid-19 was negative. The Doctor suggest me, start the isolation.

( On Dec 30 repeat test for the symptoms, he was complete sure that I had Covid-19. I had some red spots typical of covid-19 in my skin also. The diagnosis certificate is attached. )

I felt really tired all day, I felt a lot of pain body, high fever, 40 degrees, At night I could not breath very well, headache, very bad, so first start to contact with teachers.

Learning and Recovery Journey

Dec 28 Tuesday. 

00.24 Teacher Wei called me and made a healing session of 12 min and I could breath normally after that.

07.30 I was half lying in bed while the teachers of Xi’an center and 3 organizers started to give me a online healing, totally one hour.

Then I had a strong chi reaction, I had to go to vomit many times, that made me release a lot of mucus from my lungs, after that I slept for 3 hours. Then no more fever, no more headaches, no medication to fever for me, as I am allergic.

Start eating, and drink water. I needn’t go to hospital.

I felt with a lot of chi, start to do a little chen qi, la qi … la qi with my mind for many hours, at night also. Start having lucid dreams. When I woke up I keep doing la qi and building the qi field over and over. Mixing with lucid dream.  

That day was the worst day but I received 2 times healing, then all stop. I feel much better.

Dec 29 Wednesday. I could Breath well, no fever, still tired, body pain less. I practiced 8 hours training: lift qi up pour qi down, la qi, chen qi, wall squat.

Dec 30 Thursday. Test covid-19, it’s POSITIVE. Still tired, no body pain, starting to do house work, keep training, la qi, lift qi up pour qi down, chen qi, wall squat, very quiet during the day. Sleep more also. 

Dec 31 Friday. I felt normally, keep practicing, feeling very positive, feeling of connection with everything, humility, an unconditional love, something activated in my chest. And so on …at the end of the day a Little tired.

Jan. 1 2022 Saturday. Complete Normal. 

Jan. 2 Sunday. Keep normal recovering, sleeping …

This week I Received and Accept bad information from my parents and friends that took care of myself, I could have posterior covid-19 complication … and this could be seriously.

Jan. 9 Sunday. Because I took the worries into the chi field, though I kept practicing, but my body start having problems again. I Start to have seriously problem to breath, cannot eat, I felt in my chest pain, and a pain in my heart.

 Jan.10 Monday. Because have difficulties to breath, I had to go to a Doctor, the doctor told me that I had a mild posterior covid-19 complication that was pneumopathy ( It means that the covid-19 is no longer available ), cannot eat also, and a pain in my chest. ( The diagnosis certificate is attached )

I contacted Xi’an center once again, and they suggested me that I could recover faster than first time, I started to review what could affect my health situation and I realized that was the bad information I took into the chi field.

 I contacted teacher Zhen through Renata, that night I received a private healing session with him, after his work, all was gone.

Learning and Rehabilitation Effects

Jan. 11 Tuesday. I went to Doctor for the daily check to have the certificate for my job,

I did one Covid-19 Test, it was negative. I tested my Oxygen saturation, it was 98%. I did an x-ray of my lungs, it was beautiful, clean and clear……All was gone. The doctor can’t believe it.

 ( The diagnosis certificate is attached )


Screenshots are from the Xi’an Center International Teacher training Class organizers group or personal communication provided by Xi’an center. The time is shown in Beijing time, which is 14 hours faster than Mexico time.

December 30, 2021 Confirmation of Diagnosis

December 27, 2021, I First Asked the Teachers in the Group for Help in the Evening

December 28, 2021, Xi’an Center Organized an Online Healing Session for Me in the Morning

When the teachers in Xi’an Center saw the information in the group, they also gave timely encouragement, guidance and good information.

December 28, 2021 I reported the good news to the group in the afternoon

December 29, 2021 I Reported More Information to Xi’an Center

January 10, 2022 Certificate of my pulmonary examination (in Spanish)

Certificate of 2022/01/10

I record that Mrs. Padin Lourdes has mild post covid pneumopathy.


January 11, 2022 My Covid-19 Test Became Negative(in Spanish)

January 11, 2022 My lungs X-Ray Scan: It was Beautiful,Clean and Clear

January 11, 2022 The Doctor Issued Me a Health Certificate (In Spanish)

Padin Lourdes

Dni: 26986513

Patient post covid, start day 2021/12/28, with a final state very positive.

She present test covid negative with date 2022/01/11.

Date: 2022/01/11

Dr. Jorge S.Ruiz.

January 11, 2022 I Reported to Xi’an Center That I had Fully Recovered

Zhineng Qigong Healing Covid-19 Cases (1)

Student Profile

Nuno Miguel Costa Fernandes ( hereinafter referred to as Nuno ), male, 46 years, from Lisbon, Portugal, Chinese qigong, chenqi, laqi training teacher.

Initial Symptoms and Diagnosis

On Dec 21, 2021, because last night he was not feeling good, he was feeling hot and a bit of nausea. So, in the morning he did an auto-test at home that was positive. Self tests are antigen tests and can be purchased in pharmacies. They are quite accurate. Many people use them very often.

It was difficult to make an appointment in time, until Dec. 26 2021 he finished PCR test that still was positive, but had only nausea. (The diagnosis certificate is attached)

Learning and Recovery Journey

Nuno has joined the online Deep La qi training class held by Xi’an Center on November 21, 2021 for one month, twice a week.

The information below is from the La qi training class group.

On December 21, 2021 Nuno said: “I am loving so much chen qi practice, that I decided to continue with it for a 100 days”.

He also said, during chen qi, my chest is so empty and clear, heart is open. I feel a qi pump from hui yin. If I practice more slowly, I feel it from yong quan though the middle channel to bai hui and the tip of the fingers.

Then he ask, can I rely mainly on chenqi/rouqi/ laqi to heal?

I said: “You can only practice chenqi, rouqi, laqi, it’s enough for healing, normally we just practice what we like and go deeper and deeper. If you want to add some other methods, it’s also ok”.

(Later he said, it was that day that he was not feeling good, he was feeling hot and a bit of nausea, and did an auto-test at home that was positive. )

On December 24, 2021 Nuno said;

“I wasn’t sure if I should write this since the course already ended (The course ended on December 22), but I think it is interesting. Last Tuesday morning I started to have fever and nausea. My wife suggested that I should do covid19 test and to my surprise it was positive. So, I’ve been dealing with this…

I can say that the respiratory system was not affected until now. I believe it was due to chen qi practice. Chest is still clear and empty. The time I am writing this I am starting to feel better.

Our body is so amazing, our mind is so powerful. When qi is abundant and flowing well, no illness can exist. We are already healed. “

Everyone expressed their blessings and gave good information one after another.

I said: “very good! keep positive mind, in fact you are attacking the virus also, just try to do it with more time and energy, you can win it quickly”.

Teacher Yuan said: “very good sharing. strengthening your body health and your own Qi field ……inspiring others to practice Chen Qi and benefit with it ……”

Nuno:said: “thank you teachers, with the help of the qi field everything will be back to good state soon”.

Learning and Rehabilitation Methods

Having fully recovered on January 19, 2022, he concluded: I think it was due to chenqi/rouqi/laqi practice. Also practiced section 2 + 5 of BMF and 3CM on some days.

Learning and Rehabilitation Effects

According to the self-test on New Year’s Day 2022 (or possibly the day before, which took 5 days), it has fully recovered.

Now he was feeling very good, with plenty of energy, he never had any respiratory symptom.

The Certificate of Recovery has been already issued automatically by the Health Ministry. In many European countries they changed procedures, you can get back to normal life after 10 days if you have no symptoms. There are thousand of new cases everyday, so the government are easing up procedures. and beginning to proceed as if covid-19 is a flu. (The diagnosis certificate is attached)


The screenshot shows Beijing time

December 24, 2021 Nuno Left a Message in Xi’an Deep La Qi Training Class Group

December 26, 2021 Covid-19 Test Report

On New Year’s Day 2022, Nuno Said He was fully Recovered

The Certificate of Recovery has been already Issued by the Health Ministry