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Zhineng Qigong Healing Covid-19 Cases (1)

Student Profile

Nuno Miguel Costa Fernandes ( hereinafter referred to as Nuno ), male, 46 years, from Lisbon, Portugal, Chinese qigong, chenqi, laqi training teacher.

Initial Symptoms and Diagnosis

On Dec 21, 2021, because last night he was not feeling good, he was feeling hot and a bit of nausea. So, in the morning he did an auto-test at home that was positive. Self tests are antigen tests and can be purchased in pharmacies. They are quite accurate. Many people use them very often.

It was difficult to make an appointment in time, until Dec. 26 2021 he finished PCR test that still was positive, but had only nausea. (The diagnosis certificate is attached)

Learning and Recovery Journey

Nuno has joined the online Deep La qi training class held by Xi’an Center on November 21, 2021 for one month, twice a week.

The information below is from the La qi training class group.

On December 21, 2021 Nuno said: “I am loving so much chen qi practice, that I decided to continue with it for a 100 days”.

He also said, during chen qi, my chest is so empty and clear, heart is open. I feel a qi pump from hui yin. If I practice more slowly, I feel it from yong quan though the middle channel to bai hui and the tip of the fingers.

Then he ask, can I rely mainly on chenqi/rouqi/ laqi to heal?

I said: “You can only practice chenqi, rouqi, laqi, it’s enough for healing, normally we just practice what we like and go deeper and deeper. If you want to add some other methods, it’s also ok”.

(Later he said, it was that day that he was not feeling good, he was feeling hot and a bit of nausea, and did an auto-test at home that was positive. )

On December 24, 2021 Nuno said;

“I wasn’t sure if I should write this since the course already ended (The course ended on December 22), but I think it is interesting. Last Tuesday morning I started to have fever and nausea. My wife suggested that I should do covid19 test and to my surprise it was positive. So, I’ve been dealing with this…

I can say that the respiratory system was not affected until now. I believe it was due to chen qi practice. Chest is still clear and empty. The time I am writing this I am starting to feel better.

Our body is so amazing, our mind is so powerful. When qi is abundant and flowing well, no illness can exist. We are already healed. “

Everyone expressed their blessings and gave good information one after another.

I said: “very good! keep positive mind, in fact you are attacking the virus also, just try to do it with more time and energy, you can win it quickly”.

Teacher Yuan said: “very good sharing. strengthening your body health and your own Qi field ……inspiring others to practice Chen Qi and benefit with it ……”

Nuno:said: “thank you teachers, with the help of the qi field everything will be back to good state soon”.

Learning and Rehabilitation Methods

Having fully recovered on January 19, 2022, he concluded: I think it was due to chenqi/rouqi/laqi practice. Also practiced section 2 + 5 of BMF and 3CM on some days.

Learning and Rehabilitation Effects

According to the self-test on New Year’s Day 2022 (or possibly the day before, which took 5 days), it has fully recovered.

Now he was feeling very good, with plenty of energy, he never had any respiratory symptom.

The Certificate of Recovery has been already issued automatically by the Health Ministry. In many European countries they changed procedures, you can get back to normal life after 10 days if you have no symptoms. There are thousand of new cases everyday, so the government are easing up procedures. and beginning to proceed as if covid-19 is a flu. (The diagnosis certificate is attached)


The screenshot shows Beijing time

December 24, 2021 Nuno Left a Message in Xi’an Deep La Qi Training Class Group

December 26, 2021 Covid-19 Test Report

On New Year’s Day 2022, Nuno Said He was fully Recovered

The Certificate of Recovery has been already Issued by the Health Ministry